January 13, 2021- CALGARY, AB, Jan. 13, 2021 /CNW/ – Accelerate Financial Technologies Inc. (“Accelerate”) is pleased to announce Canada’s first alternative investment portfolio ETF, the Accelerate OneChoice Alternative Portfolio ETF (“OneChoice”), that will list on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker ONEC on January 27, 2021.

“As equity market valuations sit near record highs and fixed income yields remain near all-time lows, investors are searching for uncorrelated returns to diversify their portfolios beyond the traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds,” said Julian Klymochko, Founder and CEO of Accelerate. “The Accelerate OneChoice Alternative Portfolio ETF (TSX: ONEC) provides investors with an allocation to six alternative asset classes and ten alternative investment strategies in one easy-to-use ETF with a management fee of just 0.20%.”

Utilizing OneChoice in client portfolios may provide two benefits:

  1. Reduce portfolio risk through increased diversification
  2. Increase efficiency through the automation of portfolio construction, due diligence and implementation

The Accelerate OneChoice Alternative Portfolio ETF provides exposure to the following asset classes and alternative strategies:

  • Absolute Return: Arbitrage and Long-Short Equity
  • Private Credit: Mortgages and Leveraged Loans
  • Real assets: Infrastructure and Real Estate
  • Alternative Currencies: Gold and Bitcoin
  • Global Macro: Risk Parity
  • Alternative Equity: Alpha + Beta

The Portfolio Manager of OneChoice, Julian Klymochko, has over a decade of experience managing alternative strategies, culminating in a BarclayHedge Top 10 global performance award, Preqin global top 10 ranking and 1st place ranking from the Canadian Hedge Fund Awards.

The Toronto Stock Exchange (the “TSX”) has conditionally approved the listing of the units of OneChoice.

Accelerate in its capacity as manager of the Accelerate Private Equity Alpha Fund (the “ETF”) (ticker symbol: ALFA) is announcing the planned closure of the ETF. The firm will be terminating the ETF effective at the close of business on or about March 15, 2021 (the “Termination Date”).

Effective immediately, no further direct subscriptions for the ETF units will be accepted, including any purchases made through a pre-authorized purchase plan. The ETF units are expected to be de-listed from the Toronto Stock Exchange, at the request of Accelerate, at the close of business on or about March 11, 2021, with all units still held by investors being subject to a mandatory redemption as of the Termination Date.

Any remaining unitholders of the ETF as at the Termination Date will receive the net proceeds from the liquidation of the assets, less all liabilities and all expenses incurred in connection with the ETF’s dissolution on a pro-rata basis. If you hold units of the ETF, there may be tax implications to any disposition of your holdings. We recommend you contact your financial advisor to discuss the financial and tax implications of the redemption of units and the termination of the ETF in your circumstances.

To learn more about OneChoice, visit https://accelerateshares.com/onechoice/.

About Accelerate Financial Technologies Inc.

Accelerate is leading innovation in financial services as the pioneer of institutional-caliber alternative ETFs for investors seeking long-term performance. Accelerate was established by a team with a track record of successfully managing award-winning hedge funds and is disrupting the asset management industry by offering performance-oriented alternative investment strategies previously reserved for wealthy investors at a fee significantly lower than competitors.

SOURCE Accelerate Financial Technologies Inc.

For further information: For investor inquiries: Contact Accelerate at 1-855-892-0740 (toll-free), info@accelerateshares.com; For media inquiries: Contact Michael Lee Hing, COO, Accelerate, (403) 975-5294, mleehing@acceleratefintech.com


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