The Accelerate Story

Accelerate Financial Technologies was founded with the mission to democratize alternative investments by offering institutional-caliber hedge fund and private equity strategies in low-cost, liquid and easy to use ETFs accessible by any investor.

Accelerate aims to become the leader in exchange traded alternative funds by providing clients with performance-oriented financial solutions and educating clients with thought-leading investment research.

With a consistent focus on innovation, Accelerate is driven to bring unique alternative investment solutions with the goal of producing better financial outcomes for clients. Some of the innovations that Accelerate is bringing to market include:

  • The first suite of alternative ETFs with 0% management fee; Performance fee only, aligning investor and manager interests.
  • The first long-short equity hedge fund in an ETF wrapper.

Why Alternatives

An allocation to stocks and bonds may no longer be sufficient to provide you with the returns and diversification needed to meet your long-term financial goals. Alternative investments represent a class of investment strategies outside the traditional categories of stocks, bonds and cash.

Alternative investments, such as hedge funds and private equity funds, present a compelling addition to your portfolio due to their potential for:

Increased returns

Alternatives may offer higher return potential than stock and bond indexes

Decreased risk

Alternatives, which may “zig” while your other investments “zag”, can potentially dampen the effects of volatility in your portfolio

Higher consistency

Adding alternatives that have low correlation to stocks and bonds may bring more consistency to your portfolio’s investment performance

Alternatives encompass a large opportunity set of investments and can be less dependent on market direction to generate returns. Some alternative strategies incorporate hedging strategies which can limit your portfolio’s exposure to extreme market moves. In addition, alternative strategies may help insulate your portfolio from rising interest rates.

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