May 31, 2021- Did we see a stock market “frenzy” on Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) earlier this year? Some would argue that we witnessed a SPAC bubble in January this year. What is going to happen to the SPAC market now?

Tune in to The Market Goliath’s latest episode as they invited Julian Klymochko, an institutional SPAC expert, to come talk about SPACs and merger arbitrage strategies.

Did you know Warren Buffett has previously used arbitrages as a diversified investment strategy during his early days of investing? We bet you didn’t know that!

Bio: Julian is the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Accelerate. His investment firm, Accelerate, has launched the only SPAC ETF Fund listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, known as Accelerate Arbitrage Fund (TSX:ARB).

Julian has been featured in Bloomberg, CNBC, Business Insider and The Globe and Mail. He is also the author of his book Reminiscences of a Hedge Fund Operator and host of the Absolute Return Podcast.


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