February 25, 2019 – An introduction to the Absolute Return Podcast, providing investors what they want– near real-time thoughts and analysis from professional hedge fund managers.

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Welcome investors to the Absolute Return Podcast. Your source for stock market analysis, global macro musings and hedge fund investment strategies. Your hosts Julian Klymochko and Michael Kesslering aim to bring you the knowledge and analysis you need to become a more intelligent and wealthier investor. This episode is brought to you by Accelerate Financial Technologies.

Accelerate, because performance matters. Find out more at www.Accelerateshares.com.

Julian: Welcome investors to the Absolute Return Podcast. I am your co-host Julian Klymochko

Michael: And I am Mike Kesslering.

Julian: Just to give a bit of background about ourselves and so I got about a dozen years of experience in the financial services business. I started out in investment banking largely working in merger and acquisition advisory prior to transitioning to the buy side where ultimately rose to chief investment officer at a hedge  fund starting out doing closed-end fund arbitrage, risk arbitrage, distressed, Graham and Dodd style deep value investing, alpha shorts, relative value arbitrage, cryptocurrencies and a host of other buy side strategies including one of our focuses these days, multi-factor systematic quantitative investing.

Michael: And my background is in energy investment banking and the hedge fund industries. My experience is wide ranging from special situations and deep value. All the way to systemic quant strategies with the goal of looking for market inefficiencies.

Julian: So, the purpose of this podcast is a number of different things we’re trying to accomplish. Number one is to summarize 50-100 hours worth of news that we follow each week. Whether it be updates on the national or global economy to specific merger and acquisition deals, company specific events, perhaps quarterly reporting and a myriad of hedge fund investment strategies with the ultimate goal of increasing your knowledge and hopefully improving your financial results ending with you becoming a much wealthier and knowledgeable investor. So that concludes our pilot episode, the trailer for the Absolute Return Podcast. We hope you enjoy season one, cheers.


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