October 5, 2018 – Accelerate Financial Technologies Inc. (“Accelerate”) welcomes the finalized alternative funds framework from the Canadian Securities Administrators (the “CSA”) published October 4, 2018.  

This new alternative funds framework allows greater flexibility with investing strategies, with a focus on strategies typically associated with liquid alternatives including hedging, short selling, and the use of leverage.

“We formed Accelerate in early 2018 to capitalize on the modernization of investment fund regulation and the birth of a new market – liquid alternatives.” said Julian Klymochko, Founder and CEO of Accelerate. “It’s exciting to soon be able to offer all investors access to performance-oriented alternative investment strategies that were previously reserved for accredited investors and institutions.”

“The Accelerate principals have substantial experience running award-winning hedge fund strategies and strive to become Canada’s leading exchange-traded alternative fund manager.”

Subject to Ministerial approvals, the amendments and related changes are expected to come into effect on January 3, 2019.


About Accelerate Financial Technologies Inc.

Accelerate is leading innovation in financial services, developing a suite of exchange-traded hedge funds and alternative funds for investors seeking long-term performance.  Accelerate was established by a team with a track record of successfully managing award-winning hedge funds and is disrupting the asset management industry by offering access to investment strategies previously reserved for wealthy investors at a fee up to 75% lower than competitors.


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