June 24, 2020—Accelerate CEO and Absolute Return Podcast co-host, Julian Klymochko, guests in the Meb Faber Show to discuss:

  • liquid alternatives and democratizing alternative strategies that have been tapped by the world’s largest institutions for decades
  • the current state of liquid alts and hedge funds, merger arbitrage, and the standardization and commoditization that has come with increased competition
  • Julian’s experience with a 2014 trade that went awry when he was running his first hedge fund
  • private equity and the lack of mark-to-market appraisal of holdings, and how this strategy can be replicated in public markets
  • the opportunity in the future for flows to work their way from complex, high fee alternatives, into low-cost liquid alts

Learn all about this and more on episode 231 of the Meb Faber Show.

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