December 18, 2018 – We founded Accelerate with the mission to democratize alternative investing. That is, to provide access to performance-oriented investment strategies (such as hedge funds and private equity) previously reserved for the wealthy in a transparent, easy to use, liquid and low-cost vehicle.

Given our mission to disrupt the formerly secretive and high cost nature of hedge funds and private equity funds, we formed Accelerate with the following profoundly different principles:

ACCESS – High performance, institutional-quality investment strategies should be available to ALL investors, not just the wealthy, with no investment minimums. Even someone with only $100 to invest should have access to these strategies.

EQUITY – The lion’s share of the investment performance will go to investors, not the manager.

TRANSPARENCY – We will be radically transparent. Clients should know exactly how their money is being invested. Increased knowledge will lead to increased conviction, which will allow investors to hold long term and not panic sell in a drawdown if they’re confident in the process.

FOCUS – We will focus on process, not outcome. Intelligent investment strategies will win out over a reasonable period of time.

EXCELLENCE – An unwavering commitment to excellence in investing and generating attractive returns for investors over the long term.

INTEGRITY – We will operate with utmost integrity and honesty, never sacrificing our principles for short term financial gain.

These six principles, with more to come, form the basis of Accelerate’s mission.

-The Accelerate Team


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