April 22, 2022Accelerate makes bold, restorative investment this Earth Day to plant 20,000 verified trees in partnership with veritree.

The climate crisis is real – it is already affecting the world we are living in today. We feel it, we are worried about it, and we often feel disempowered in the face of anxiety about climate change. Climate change is the biggest challenge we face, as individuals, as a business, as a planet. It is imperative that we take transformative, bold actions today – through radical collaboration – to give us the best chance to secure a liveable future by creating a true partnership for the planet.

Just as we know that climate change is real, we know that nature has an amazing ability to restore the planet. Nature-based solutions have untapped potential to combat climate change while creating significant positive impact on local communities, the economy, and the environment – when it is done properly and transparently.

This is why, on Earth Day 2022, we are launching a new nature-based solutions initiative to take real, transformative actions to restore the planet by planting 20,000 verified trees in Madagascar. We are partnering with veritree, a restoration platform that connects nature-based solutions with mission-driven companies ready to lead the restorative economy. veritree is an innovative platform built with blockchain technology that brings transparency, accuracy, and traceability in global restoration efforts

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