We at Accelerate Financial Technologies Inc. (“Accelerate”, the “Firm” or “we”) are committed to keeping your personal information confidential and secure.  We have adopted a comprehensive privacy policy and have implemented practices to protect the confidentiality of personal information. The Firm’s business requires that we collect and process personal information of our investors who come to us either directly or through dealers or other intermediaries.  

Accelerate keeps all personal information in strict confidence and controls access to, and the use of, such information based on the procedures and practices detailed in this policy statement.


The information on this website has been provided by Accelerate for informational purposes and should not be construed as an offer or solicitation, or to provide financial, investment, tax, legal, accounting or any other advice recommendation for you. Trading in securities can be speculative and there is the risk of a potential loss of principal. Commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with investments.

Investments are not guaranteed and past performance is not indicative of future results. There are no guarantees when investing in Accelerate products. Please read the prospectus or offering memorandum before investing.

Personal Information and Obtaining Consent

Personal information is any information that identifies an individual, including the person’s name, age, address, social insurance number, financial records, credit history, telephone number and email address.  

As a fund dealer, advisor and manager, the Firm obtains investors’ personal information directly from clients and obtains their consent to the appropriate use of that personal information in account forms and subscription agreements.  When investors are introduced to our products through dealers or other intermediaries, those firms may also provide us with access to investors’ personal information. In such cases, these firms are required to obtain consent from their clients with respect to the use of personal information.  An investor’s personal information is used by Accelerate in order to:

  • Establish an investor’s identity;
  • Determine an investor’s eligibility for a service or product;
  • Protect all parties against errors or fraudulent activity; and
  • Comply with the laws and regulations.

The Firm’s Use of Personal Information  

Accelerate may use clients’ personal information to:

  • Identify the client;
  • Ensure records are accurate and complete;
  • Establish and administer accounts;
  • Execute transactions;
  • Provide investors and their advisors with statements;
  • Maintain, record, store and determine account holdings and transactions;
  • Provide investors with financial statements, mailings, confirmations, tax receipts or other information that may be requested or needed to service their account;
  • Provide investors with high quality service and support;
  • Meet regulatory and legal requirements.

Investors’ personal information will only be used for the purpose in which it was collected.  Accelerate may share personal information with other parties as required by law and for other parties to assist in providing services such as recordkeeping, statement preparation and printing.  The Firm has or may enter into legal agreement with such third party service providers to ensure the proper handling and protection of clients’ personal information. Additionally, the Firm may be required to provide clients’ personal information when responding to a court order, search warrant or other legally valid requests.  In particular, the Firm may disclose your social insurance number to comply with Canada Revenue Agency’s income reporting requirements and the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act.

A client can contact the Firm’s Chief Compliance Officer to withdraw consent to any use of personal information.  This withdrawal of consent may limit the investor’s opportunity to access our products and services.

A client can contact the Firm’s Chief Compliance Officer to correct her or his personal information and the Firm will accommodate this request to the extent possible.  

Storage and Security

Personal information that the Firm possesses may be kept electronically or physically in the Accelerate head office or with third party service providers.  Personal information may also be kept in secure offsite facilities. We restrict access to our offices and records to protect personal information against unauthorized access or misuse.

Accelerate ensures that its employees abide by the Firm’s privacy policy.  Any personal information collected from a client may be used for specified purposes and may be retained as long as necessary to satisfy regulatory requirements.

The Firm does not collect any personal information from visitors to the Accelerate website.  However, visitors may choose to submit her or his personal information via an email message. Cookies may be used to store information locally on the visitor’s computer.

Online Privacy Policy

By accessing Accelerate’s website, a visitor acknowledges that her or he accepts the policies and practices outline in this Privacy Policy and consents to our collection, use and disclosure of personal information as described herein.  Please read this Privacy Policy carefully in order to understand which data and personal information the Firm may collect and use regarding visitors to the website. If a visitor does not agree with the content of this Privacy Policy, they should not use this website.  A client may withdraw consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information at any time, subject to legal and contractual restrictions, along with reasonable notice.

What Information Is Collected and How Is It Used?

Accelerate may collect personal information provided by a client.  The Firm may collect other information about the visitor’s device (model, browser, IP address) in order to help improve website functionality, provide information, measure effectiveness of service, enhance security and meet the needs of clients.  We do not collect information about a visitor’s physical location.

Does Accelerate Use Cookies?

Accelerate may use persistent cookies, non-persistent cookies and web beacons to monitor and improve the website experience and as part of the security and functionality of the website.  These cookies do not contain personal information. The choice not to accept cookies may prevent certain features within the service from operating. Please refer to the device documentation to determine how to allow or refuse cookies.


Accelerate may use physical, organizational and technological measures to protect investors’ personal information against loss or theft, unauthorized access, use disclosure, copying or modification.  However, no online data storage or transmission can be guaranteed to be secure from access by unintended recipients. Accelerate is not responsible for any breach of security unless this breach is due to gross negligence.

Contact Us

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